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So yesterday a porn star by the name of Stoya posted this on Twitter:

“If you think pubic hair on a woman is unnatural or weird, you aren’t mature enough to be touching vaginas”. #FootIsDown #YeahIJustWentThere

With 46,415 followers, Stoya’s comments were heard loud and clear. While that message was re-tweeted a whack of times, Stoya soon found herself having to follow-up her initial comment.

For example, @Scoobydobydooo replied with the following:

“@stoya didn’t you said you personally prefer it bald. but let it grow if there is a shoot 🙂 ”

To which Stoya replied:

“@scoobydobydooo Yes, but that lack of hair is an unnatural choice I make.”

Responses to others went like this:

“@Rugger_Daddy As long as you realize that the removal of the hair is an unnatural thing, it’s preference, not asshole-ry.”

You get the idea.

She then sent this Tweet, directing people to her blog:

“Because the internet is my own personal soapbox and the pubic hair discussion required more than 140 characters”

Here’s a link to her blog post:

You can have a read for yourself, but the long and short of it is this: While Stoya writes about going in to a salon to have certain bits of her pubic hair permanently removed, she is very clear about the fact that she wants to keep the bulk of it. As she writes, “personally, I like to have options with my bush.”

I particularly liked this bit:

“Maybe I’m just a bit snappier or more short-tempered this week than usual, but I reacted very negatively to what I perceived as a lack of appreciation for pussies in their natural state.”

and then:“I just want everyone in the world to know that twats are incredibly varied and all wonderful, and I have intensely negative emotional reactions when I see anything that seems like vulva judgment.”

I think this conversation is really interesting, considering it comes from a woman who makes her living (and has garnered vast amounts of fame) appearing in adult films. Porn is, after all, one of the influences I see as having an impact on this normalizing of hairlessness.

So to have a well-regarded porn star celebrating pubic hair is… well…kinda exciting.

I can’t help but ad that as enlightening as Stoya’s comments are, the Twittersphere (is that what it’s called?) is full of people with opinions about pubic hair. Most of them go like this:

-from @_LadyTaylor: “Women should not have pubic hair. It’s gross.”

-from @erin023: “I actually have a vagina and pubic hair still grosses me out. It’s all personal preference.”

-from @AimanJacheem: “OMFG! That chick said she didn’t shave her pubic hair for 10 weeks! HAHAHA!”

Oh, and one last word from Stoya, who, evidently, has a history of bad luck with salons:



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