March 2012

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I know — this is not a pubic hair story, but it is a vagina one. I couldn’t resist sharing:

The fine people at Open File Halifax have posted an article about the fact that the statue of Edward Cornwallis (widely credited with founding the city of Halifax, though he’s a controversial figure) has got a  new felted vagina.

This is guerrilla art at its finest, no?

Read the whole article here:




I love it when people send me little bits of pubic hair related news and gossip. Today I got this (which I presume refers to something a professor did in a second year english class earlier this week).

From the Facebook group called “Overheard at Queen’s” (a university in Kingston, Ontario):

Wendy Reid
ENGL 292
Berg: (drawing female stick figure on the board, adding pubic hair) Oh, you don’t have that anymore do you? (erases hair).

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