(The problem with) Sexy Kids

Thanks for your kind and encouraging words after my last post. I’m glad to be back — though as you can see, still not keeping up with posting as readily as I would like. Still, I’m back in a pubic-hair-state-of-mind again: I’m having more conversations with people about the ol’ short-and-curlies (I’m a joy at a party, let me tell you), and am starting to pay more attention to the issue in the media again.

Speaking of which:

I was listening to CBC Radio the other day — for those you not in Canada, it’s our public broadcaster — when I heard some subject-appropriate material on the morning current affairs program called The Current. The host, Anna-Maria Tremonti, was talking to the people behind a new documentary called ‘Sext Up Kids’ (a trailer of the doc is available here). The film explores the “hyper sexualization” of kids — from the availability of kiddie lingerie, to the complications girls contend with when their sexy cell phone pictures get sent out to the world by spurned (and immature) boyfriends. The normalizing of pubic hair removal among young women also came up.

I have to admit that I didn’t manage to catch the doc when it aired on TV last week, but I did enjoy the conversation Anna-Maria had with the filmmakers on the radio. I think this is a fascinating and complicated issue — and while I know plenty of teenaged girls who haven’t allowed the media to convince them that their most powerful tool is a flaunted body, it’s also hard to ignore how powerful and pervasive sexed-up culture is these days (do I sound like an old person yet?).

If you have a few minutes, listen to the CBC Radio interview here:


And as always, I’d love to hear what you think.

(and just as an aside: I was just going to search for an image I could use with this post, but I’m writing from a local cafe and I realized that any search for “sexy little girls” would not leave me looking very good. I’ll leave it for now…)