Oh, Boys…

You’re facing pressures of your own, no? Though I’d argue that it’s less common to hear of a guy being seen as dirty or disgusting for leaving his pubic hair au-natural, I’m reading/hearing about men facing an increasing amount of pressure to go hairless.

Poking around on the internet this morning, I came across a website selling (surprise!) hair removal products (anyone see a theme when it comes to hair removal?) for men.

I was particularly taken by the narrative they were doling out: that in removing their pubic hair they would be more attractive to the opposite sex, and that, in general, things would be more ‘hygienic’ — essentially the same arguments women seem to be readily internalizing.

This site not only tries to sell men on the idea of whisking away their pubic hair (“Back in the day having a hairy chest and body was sexy but these times have changed. Women now find smooth, clean male bodies more attractive. But pubic shaving isn’t just about impressing the oppisate sex but also about personal hygiene”) but then it actually tries to sell them a fancy electric “bodygroomer”, as well as a special powder for the inevitable post-shave itching:

Here are some pubic shaving tips for guys who are ready for their first pubic shaving experience:

– DO NOT use a razor blade

– DO NOT use an electric shaving machine

– DO NOT use regular body soap

– DO NOT use after shave

So how do you properly shave your balls? Easy, the one and most important tool you need to avoid cuts and enjoy your pubic shaving experience is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom.


Of course you do. WHAT A SURPRISE.

(Seriously, people – how has it happened that we’re all caught up in this? I’d love to hear what you think).



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  • Rob

    Are we all caught up in it? I find it hard to believe that most adults who don’t show their junk on the internet are keeping themselves shaved down there.

    • I dunno… seems to be age-related. So when you say “most adults” you’re probably picturing a swath of people over a certain age.. say 30. There seems to be increasing pressure to whisk it all away for younger generations.. women mainly, but yeah.. there’s an increasing pressure on men, too (or at least that’s what I’m hearing).

  • Lizzy

    I’m 23 years old. You know, of the men that I’ve been with, a surprising number of them have asked me how I like them to keep their body hair. I told them I like it trimmed. (It’s true, I do fine it more aesthetically pleasing, and less troublesome.) Or sometimes, I’ll state something like”how ever you like, as long as it doesn’t resemble a jungle.” Of the ones that don’t ask me, they’re the ones that usually don’t groom down there but do groom their chest. Or I’ve had some tell me that they refuse to groom their chest (I think they took me playing with it as some sort of non-verbal way to ask the me to groom) and I’ve said ok. And they’ve had to ask again, in the next moment, as if they didn’t (or I didn’t) comprehend what I was saying. I think there is a pressure to have male body hair a certain way in our age group. It seems to mirror the way females of my age group internalize how they should look. I’m not entirely sure if it is the same amount of pressure though, but from they surprised way they acted, it seems about the same.