3 Things

1. Older women and Brazilian Waxing:

Earlier this week I went to a small party where I met a met a most fabulous woman. Older than me, she was honest and open and hilarious. Predictably, we got talking about pubic hair.

“I’m just trying to get my courage up to go get a Brazilian wax” she said nonchalantly.

I raised my eyebrows.

Seemed this dynamic, post-menopausal woman had started experimenting with pubic hair removal at the urging of her daughters, who are in their twenties. She was surprised (and pleased) to find that she loved it.

She told me that while her partner (male) didn’t have a strong preference when it came to her pubic hair, she found that she preferred the feeling of being hairless. She was absolutely, without a doubt, oozing the kind of confidence that older women can claim when they realize they only have themselves to impress, doing it for herself.

I was impressed.

My hope is that I have a chance to interview her in more detail soon… stay tuned.

2. This fabulous website (and this great article):

I recently discovered the Adios Barbie website, which is billed as “the body image site for every body”. Their website says “at adiosbarbie.com, we create articles, campaigns, events and other cool stuff that inspires a body and self-loving world.”

Here’s a link to a great article by Quinn Davis called “The Naked Clam and Other Preposterous Pubic Hair Problems.” Read the whole article here.

3. Pubic Hair as Marmoset:

As I’ve written, with pubic hair being my current thing, people send me all kinds of interesting related stuff over the course of a day.

Today I got a great email from a friend who had come across a review of a new memoir by Caitlin Moran (the British broadcaster and newspaper columnist) called “How To Be A Woman” in the English Times Literary Supplement. It contained the following observation:

“Likewise, pubic hair is there to be enjoyed and Moran calls for the return of the sort that looks, when she is sitting down naked, ‘As if the woman has a marmoset on her lap’…”

His email prompted me to seek out more info, which is how I came across this expanded quote from the book:

“In recent years I have become more and more didactic about pubic hair – to the point where I now believe that there are only four things a grown, modern woman should have: a pair of yellow shoes (they unexpectedly go with everything), a friend who will come and post bail at 4am, a failsafe pie recipe, and a proper muff. A big, hairy minge. A lovely furry moof that looks – when she sits, naked – as if she has a marmoset sitting in her lap.”

–Caitlin Moran, How to be a Woman

I will certainly have to seek it out.


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