July 8, 2011

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I ran into a friend this morning at a local coffee shop. “Meredith!” she exclaimed when she saw me. “I thought of you the other day!”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Why?”

“Because I went to a salon to get a manicure and a pedicure, and at the last minute decided that since it is bathing suit season, that I’d get a bikini wax, too,” my friend explained.

(“ah ha!”, I thought to myself, “it must be a pubic hair story!”)

My friend, who is in her fifties (with an admirably well developed ability of how to ask for what she wants) held her hands in a ‘V’ at the front of her body, showing me what she’d indicated to the esthetician. “I asked for a bikini wax,” she said. “I only wanted this much off” (again, her hands gesturing at a small space along the edge of where her underwear would be).

But it was not to be. Seems the move-to-remove is pervasive these days.

Before long, my poor friend was far more bare than she had intended to be.

“Meredith,” she exclaimed, her face indicating her own horror. “I look like THIS!” She was holding her hands up in the space between us, her fingers creating a tiny triangle.

When she expressed her alarm to the esthetician (a young woman), she merely got a smile and a nod, and was assured that it looked good. “Cleaner,” my friend told me. “Cleaner!”

“Cleaner” hadn’t been the look she was after — in fact, she was offended by the suggestion that her pre-waxed state had been anything but.

She’s now anxiously waiting for her hair (of which she is fond) to grow back.

Hilariously, another friend told me a very similar story later in the day — only it was about her mother (also in her fifties) having a near-identical experience.

What has happened to the humble bikini wax?

My friend’s experience reminded me of a really great letter submitted to the “Open Letters to People or Entities Who Are Unlikely to Respond,” section on the McSweeney’s website.

This one is called An Open Letter to the Guy Who Scheduled My Accidental Brazilian and it’s by Kate Geiselman. It’s really well written and hilarious…well worth a read.


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