“Julyna” (and my 15 minutes on it)

So as July raises its heat-heavy head, the media are raring up for a ‘Julyna’ frenzy. For anyone who isn’t up to speed, “Julyna” is a new fundraising initiative that is encouraging women to ‘style’ their pubic hair as a way to raise awareness and money for cervical cancer. Still feeling out of the loop? You can read my blog post on it here.

I’ve fielded a number of calls from the media in the last few days, all of which have resulted in very different stories.

Here’s a smart article poised to run in the Friday edition of the Globe and Mail, Canada’s National newspaper:


I was also interviewed by Post Media — an article which appears on Canada.com and may be concurrently running in any of the Post’s newspapers (the Montreal Gazette, National Post and Vancouver Sun, among them). Read the whole story here:


Lastly, ctv.ca called me — their article is here:


While it’s been interesting being (one of) the critical voice(s) of Julyna, I think the media is trying to portray me of someone who is a lot more upset about the event than I ACTUALLY am. For the record – I think Julyna is silly. I’d love to see people acting and thinking more critically when embracing both media-titillating events of this nature and their own body practices… but at the end of the day, I’m not THAT bothered by it all. At the end of the day (as I’ve tried to stress), I’m of the each-to-her-own school of operating.

So there.


  • RoseGirl

    Hey it’s RoseGirl again and you know what I just realized something! Pubic Hair helps protect women against cervical cancer because it prevents the penis from touching the skin and acts as a lubricant. The Creator/Evolution designed for us to have pubic hair to help prevent disease during sexual intercourse. So not only is waxing it off a bit objectifying, it also defeats the purpose of the whole campaign: to take measures to prevent cervical cancer.