June 20, 2011

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So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I missed last night’s Much Music Video Awards. Fortunately, ye ol’ Internet did not. That’s how I know about Lady Gaga’s pubic hair stunt.

Evidently, the pop music super star sang her mega-giant-super-popular hit, “Born This Way” while sporting bright blue patches of faux fur in her armpits and on her crotch. The pubic hair was attached to her leggings in an over-the-top swath of blue curls.

Her backup dancers also spotted less gregarious fuzzy triangles over their crotch areas – only theirs were more naturally hued. They did, however, have unshaven armpits.

Here’s a video:

So, a couple of questions: obviously Lady Gaga is a big star who is known for her over-the-topness and her aversion to traditional pop-star beauty (ie. being pretty and demurely sexy).

Is she a) daring women to embrace their body hair by making a big show with faux blue hair (though while not actually sporting any obvious natural body hair of her own) or b) is body hair on a woman now seen as so incredibly off-putting that it’s now a crazy bold stunt to dare to wear it, even if it’s fake? The kinds of stunt that’s in-line with the other freaky (non-pretty) things that Lady Gaga likes to embrace?

I’ll quote Dodi Stewart here, writing about the stunt on Jezebel (http://jezebel.com/5813568/lady-gagas-award-show-routine-involved-exposing-blue-pubic-hair)

“She’s definitely interested in defying what we’ve come to expect from a pop star. Female singers in the Top 40 usually go out of their way to be as traditionally sexy, pretty and perfect as possible. Their trappings are the things associated with ideal femininity: Long hair, high heels, clear skin, symmetrical face, skirts and dresses. Gaga deliberately deforms her face with prosthetic bones, and while she does wear heels, they are more of the Frankenstein’s monster/McQueen lobster claw variety, not designed for sex appeal. And since modern ladies are supposed to be hairless of pit and pube, a pop star would never, ever show up on stage with pit hair. So Gaga’s spitting in the face of convention, sure. Only: Wouldn’t the statement have been more effective if the pit hair had been real?”

Nicely said.




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