“Oh, you’re the one who studies pubic hair, right?”

So the funny thing about doing research around pubic hair is that it quickly becomes your ‘thing’. People constantly send me odd and intriguing bits of information over the internet. I often find pubic-hair-related links and photographs posted (by friends) to my Facebook profile. I just received an email from a friend that had a song about pubic hair attached. I’m not complaining by any means – I sort of love that whenever anyone I know thinks of pubic hair, they also think of me (though on second thought…hmmm).

I was out on Saturday night and ran into a woman who I’d met a couple of times before. She introduced me to the woman she was with. She looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her. But she remembered me: “You’re the one who studies pubic hair, right?” Evidently we’d met once before and she never forgot it. Heh.

And then yesterday I went to see a health professional I see on a fairly regular basis. Right at the end of my appointment she told me, in a hushed and slightly horrified voice, about going to a “Passion Party” on the weekend (for those of you not in the know, you can read more here).

Apparently the group were transfixed by a particularly complicated looking device when she made a flippant comment in its direction: “um… it looks like it would get caught in your pubic hair.”

She was met, she reported, by stunned silence from the other (mostly younger) women. “Ewwww!” one of them then declared. “You have pubic hair?”

The conversation, I was told, degenerated from there into a conversation about intimate grooming. My storyteller (who is in her early 40s) told me that was one of only three women in the room who would admit to having pubic hair. The rest of the group, she said, talked about how repulsive they found it and couldn’t fathom why anyone would hold onto it.

I just shrugged. After all, this is the kind of thing I hear a lot…(and it was hearing about just such a conversation that kick-started this project initially).

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    I think it’s so rude that anyone would judge anyone else based on something as trivial as pubic hair (for those girls to say it was gross). It is someone’s personal preference!