Oh, Internet…

Ah yes, the things we learn online…

Here’s a fine example: while doing my Vajazzling research the other day, I learned a new term: Vajacial.

What’s a Vajacial, you ask? Ah yes, I’m glad you did.

Well apparently it’s a ‘facial’ for your intimate bits.

According to The Luxury Spot, a spa in San Francisco has been offering what is essentially a facial for your labia. Apparently it’s geared at women who get Brazilian waxes but experience “unwanted side effects like ingrown hairs, bumps, and skin irritations.”

As the article explains, “the treatment is trademarked and takes about 50 minutes to give your crotch the best non-orgasmic experience you can imagine.  It’s meant to be performed the week after your wax and involves 4 steps. Antibacterial cleansing with witch hazel, papaya exfoliation, and an esthetician that personally removes your ingrown hairs (now that’s service!) are all standard.  The treatment is finished with a calming, anti-freckle, anti-acne mask and a lightening cream.”

This, my friends, is body insecurity taken to new heights. First we’re supposed to spend all kinds of time and money (and endure all kinds of pain) getting our vulvas into acceptable hairless shape, and then we’re supposed to spend MORE money ($60!) getting a 50-minute treatment to help counter the negative effects of the first treatment?

C’mon, people. Are we OUT OF OUR MINDS?

(BellaSugar provides a decent response – and more info – here)



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  • Stella

    But isn’t this kind of fun — I mean, I would get a big kick out of seeing my bf pull his boxers to expose a sparkly, swarowski pair of lips of “sexy” slogan just above his dick. =) This goes back to what I said on FB about people finding new and interesting things to do with their bodies, and I find this kind of decorative trend far less harmful than say, something like genital piercing.

    C’mon, you gotta admit, the idea of surprising your lover with some temporary vagazzling seems pretty harmless and cute.

    What’s the difference between this and wearing a “kiss me” or “happy birthday” thong? This is harmless fun and I see nothing abhorrent in it.