Vajazzling, Pejazzling and Other Sparkly Fun

So this week, the internet was (very mildly) abuzz over a new (supposed) trend in penile adornment: pejazzling. Gawker, the popular celebrity news website reported that you can now ‘Vajazzle’ your penis. Read that story here:

(and hey- if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s an image you won’t soon forget:)

For those of you who don’t keep tabs on what the Swarovski crystal people think you should be doing with your nether region, here’s the idiot’s guide:

‘Vajazzling’ is the practice of waxing away your pubic hair only to have it replaced by stick-on crystals in various patterns. Word is that this strange phenomenon is gathering something of a following (at least in North America), with fans apparently declaring that practice makes them feel like they have a sparkly secret hidden beneath their briefs.

For anyone not up on their useless pop culture, Vajazzling first hit the big time when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on Lopez Tonight, an American talk show, to promote her new biography (Jan 2010). There she famously told Lopez and the audience about having a friend Vajazzle her “precious lady” when she was trying to get over a nasty break-up. Love Hewitt made headlines by declaring that it “shined like a disco ball” , later declaring that all women should “vajazzle their va-jay-jays”.

Got two minutes to spare? This will get you all caught up:

Word is that the stick-on crystals last about five days, and that women who wear ‘em feel all kinds of special-and-sparkly.

(Don’t believe me? )

I don’t think there’s anything new I can add to this conversation on Vajazzling. After all, in a culture where women are forever being convinced that their intimate bits are gross and dirty, it makes perfect sense that we’d devise a product/service that could make everything “prettier” and more sparkly. After all, girls like sparkly things, right? right? Maybe if our vulvas are sparkly we’ll like them better, too!

(And come to think of it, maybe that’s why men are being encouraged to get in on the sparkle-fication, too…)

Speaking of which:

Hilariously, artist Julie Voyce had bedazzled some boy bits long before the splashy news about Pejazzling. Here’s the evidence:



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  • Meredith B

    Pejazzling!?! Seriously, that trend had to get worse than it already was? Julie Voyce’s illustration is HI-larious.

    Why anyone, ever, would EVER want to adhere gemstones to their crotch escapes me. I think you need to find and interview REAL people who’ve done this to themselves and ask the very important *WHY*. Jennifer Love Hewitt does not come across as a reliable or compos mentis source in my humble opinion.

  • JZ

    Staring at my crotch after a breakup makes me feel better, too. And, of course, discomfort for the dudes is the main concern of rocking a vejazzled precious lady.

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