This Blog Features Original Art

Yes, that’s right:

Original Art! Right here! And it’s all on our favourite topic: pubic hair.

This little blog has planted a few creative seeds lately — most notably in the wonderfully inventive mind of Toronto-based artist Julie Voyce.

Every couple of weeks or so, I’ll be featuring a new drawing by Julie, created especially for The Last Triangle.  Because we’re still just introducing the issues, we’ll start with this smashing drawing of an au-naturel gal wearing smashing shoes. Enjoy!


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  • jeremy

    i’m all for the bush… but where’s her armpit hair, hmmm??

  • Meredith Dault

    ha! Good point, Jeremy.

  • You might be interested in a recent project in Vancouver….

  • Lisa Figger

    Go Julie Voyce. Love the drawings. By the end we will all have grown back into our body hair.