Amanda Palmer shows us her map…

I had to post this video for two reasons: 1) because it’s so hilarious and great, and 2) because I had to learn how to embed a video into my blog. But seriously, friends – this is quite something, no?

The goal of this blog, after all, is to question the mainstreaming of some recent body practices — so a music video that not only doesn’t hate pubic hair – but actively celebrates it, is ok with me.

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  • ehmbee

    love the video! friends and i have often thought about starting a movement called “bring back the bush” in response to the brazillian movement…

    • Meredith Dault

      Ah! You’ve come to the right place! I’m doing my thesis research on the disappearance of pubic hair (hence ‘The Last Triangle’) and definitely agree that a movement is in order…

  • Barbara

    I love the video too! I’m really looking forward to your posts and the discussions – great project Meredith!