And she’s off: a blog springs to life

So here’s the deal:

I’m a graduate student at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies — a relatively new interdisciplinary program (we’re the first cohort) that allows us to complete a project as part of our research. The idea is that rather than pursuing research that remains hidden away in the ivory tower, our work will have a little more reach, engaging with community audiences as well as those in academia. As such, we’re being encouraged to pursue non-traditional research, and to pursue a ‘project option’ if we so desire.

As such, I’ll be maintaining this blog for the rest of my time in graduate school. Its contents will be included as part of my academic work (though I’ll be writing a paper to support this work). What I’m hoping is that this blog becomes a forum for very real dialogue on the topic of body hair (I’m particularly interested in pubic hair, but it’s all relevant!) as it plays out both in the vast world of popular culture and in the lives and body practices of individuals. I’ll bring in some theory where I can (this IS an academic blog, after all!), and we’ll all (I hope!) learn something in the process.

I’d be grateful if you’d check in from time to time and lend your voice to the conversation…

  • Julia

    Hi, I just thought I would comment to say that I think your blog is wonderful! I am 20 years old and have only had one serious boyfriend, he asked me to shave off my pubic hair and for a while I was completely bare down there, I did decide to keep some of it after a while and told him so, but since breaking up with him a little while ago I have let it all come back and it feels fantastic! It makes me feel like a woman! Since finding your work I have decided that any man who can’t accept that isn’t worth it, afterall it’s only another part of my appearance, it would be like not liking you without make-up. Keep up with the writing, I would love to see this continue even after you have finished your masters.

    • Thanks so much for writing, Julia! Congrats on doing what makes you feel good, and on not doing things that you’d rather not do, just to make someone else happy.
      And I love your make-up analogy! (can I use it sometime?)