March 2011

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I had to post this video for two reasons: 1) because it’s so hilarious and great, and 2) because I had to learn how to embed a video into my blog. But seriously, friends – this is quite something, no?

The goal of this blog, after all, is to question the mainstreaming of some recent body practices — so a music video that not only doesn’t hate pubic hair – but actively celebrates it, is ok with me.

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So here’s the deal:

I’m a graduate student at Queen’s University, in Kingston, Ontario. I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies — a relatively new interdisciplinary program (we’re the first cohort) that allows us to complete a project as part of our research. The idea is that rather than pursuing research that remains hidden away in the ivory tower, our work will have a little more reach, engaging with community audiences as well as those in academia. As such, we’re being encouraged to pursue non-traditional research, and to pursue a ‘project option’ if we so desire.

As such, I’ll be maintaining this blog for the rest of my time in graduate school. Its contents will be included as part of my academic work (though I’ll be writing a paper to support this work). What I’m hoping is that this blog becomes a forum for very real dialogue on the topic of body hair (I’m particularly interested in pubic hair, but it’s all relevant!) as it plays out both in the vast world of popular culture and in the lives and body practices of individuals. I’ll bring in some theory where I can (this IS an academic blog, after all!), and we’ll all (I hope!) learn something in the process.

I’d be grateful if you’d check in from time to time and lend your voice to the conversation…

hi there-

Welcome to this brand-new blog. You’re probably here because you heard my presentation at the Deviant Bodies conference at Sarah Lawrence College. Or maybe you’re here because we’ve talked recently about pubic hair (with me, it’s the kind of thing that happens more than you’d think…) and you’d like to know more or to stay in touch.

I’m sorry there isn’t more posted here yet, but don’t worry: it’s coming. My plan is to built this little site into a major holding place for all things pubic hair. This blog is going to be part of the research I am doing for my Master’s thesis in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

Please check back often!